Mercury Stations Retrograde at 8*49' Libra
Sun in Virgo Square Mars in Gemini
An Indomitability of Spirit Between Saturn & Uranus through September
OCTOBER 7| Sun Opposite Chiron Rx at 14*09'
Mercury Rx in Libra Opposite Jupiter Rx in Aries at 4*44'
Venus in Leo Opposite Saturn Rx in Aquarius at 20*52'
Sun in Virgo Trine Uranus at 18*47' & Opposite Neptune at 24*02'
The 3rd Decan of Virgo
Mars in Gemini/Saturn Rx in Aquarius at 19*06' & Beyond; Squarish Mercury Rx
Venus in Virgo-Part 2
Venus in Libra
Monthly Astrological Movements: Part 3/a Monthly Overview Review